Calvary Baptist Church of Allentown Fl.

Dustin Lambert is the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church. Dustin received his pastoral training at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Memphis, TN. Dustin, who is originally from Tennessee, has a heart for the local church in any area. So by God's design He has placed him in Allentown, FL to equip the saints of Calvary and reach the lost of Allentown, FL. Dustin is graciously accompanied on this ministry journey by his wife, Jenifer and three daughters, Elsie, Sylvia, and Sydney.


Phone # ( 850 ) 623-6559

Church Secretary: Rebecca Wilson

Pastor Dustin Lambert

Music Director: Jared Gandy

Youth Director: Stephen Ward

Children In Action Director: Debbie Neeley

Pastor, Ministry Leaders, Staff

Roy Neely, a nearly fifty year resident of Allentown, shows his dedication to his community through the service and ministries of Calvary Baptist Church. Roy's passion for the local church to be a beacon of the community is displayed by the assisting and aiding of the needs of the community through the church. Roy would be the first to acknowledge that his service is none of his own, after receiving and surrendering to Jesus in 1971, he recognizes this service is of the Holy Spirit that works through him.   


Phone # ( 850 ) 623-6569

Chairman of Deacons: Roy Neeley