Calvary Baptist Church of Allentown Fl.

This is a ministry of Calvary specifically designed to meet the spiritual, physical, and social needs of the retired and senior adults of the entire community of Allentown.  The focus is on fellowship which will strengthen the bond and unite our senior members of the community.  This time will be used as a source of encouragement to lift up the needs of our attendees and pray for each member as he or desires.  Also we want this to be a time of compassion.  If a need requires to be met we want to assist in any way possible to show the same compassion of Jesus and help and assist the people of this community.  Lastly but most importantly we want to reach people.  This ministry is also designed to share Jesus.  This meeting will take place the first Saturday of every month at 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Golden Glow